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Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

Participatory Culture Real Life (Personal) Example   Today I was trying to get as much information as I could gather for my final project. I tried to organize my notes. I read a lot from different sources and I also watched videos. What helped me the most were the videos that I found on YouTube.… Read More

HJ // PC [DRAFT#1]

Such a lovely Friday doing nothing but homework, what a beautiful way of spending my break <3 I set the goal to finish most of my papers today. I can tell you that I set my expectations (quite) to high this time. But anyways, I felt like I really needed to share with you guys… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a post with pictures I took today. It’s Thurday and it’s Thanksgiving. I went out today. I knew that there was going to be empty streets around where I live. I woke up at 2 pm. Kind of late. I cried myself to sleep last night to Little Dragon and Of Monsters and… Read More


So, I decided to make this post to show the world the things that keep me distracted from my homework. I should really, really focus on my final projects, but I have zero inspiration for that. Instead, I waste my time trying to put in a frame whatever I see every day. The follow are… Read More

Final project progress (just bold letters)

Last Friday, almost a week ago, I was going to blog about my progress on my final project. Sadly, there was none. But I had a conversation that helped me to get my project narrowed down to an specific topic. I also had some kind of revelation in the words that I heard. I wasn’t… Read More

My top 4 movies that absolutely impacted my life (Part III)

#4 THE TREE OF LIFE “Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.” —  The Tree of Life (2011)   I watched this movie after “To The Wonder” despite the fact that this one was released before. I think it was earlier this year. I already had a set of beliefs… Read More

My top 4 movies that absolutely impacted my life (Part II)

#3 TO THE WONDER THIS. MOVIE. IS. EVERYTHING. This movie made me take the step and say “I don’t care, I wanna make movies. I want to be a cinematographer to do things as beautiful as they did in this movie”. This movie changed my life. It is like a Bible, and Terrence Malick is… Read More

My top 4 movies that absolutely impacted my life (Part I)

I thought initially to write about the top 5 movies that changed my life, sadly, I could only think of four: WTWTA, ESOTSM, TTW along with TTOL.   #1 WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE I watched this movie when I was around 13 years old. I was in middle school and I heard about it from a… Read More

Sunday, November 7… apparently.

As I am analyzing my peer’s blog posts I realize how well their investigations and final projects are going. What seems to be working well as others conceptualize their projects?   Like, everything. If anyone take the time to read their posts then it is really obvious that they know what they’re talking about.  They… Read More

“Just like any real conversation”

INT.  BLOG POST- NEW POST- NIGHT. *Off-screen sound* (V.O.) A guy enters a room, it looks like a party is going on and there are people around, chatting, he comes in and starts talking about the new technologies of cinema, he talks about the DCP. The people around listen and join the discussion. Some extracts… Read More

The future is here

“Over the longer term, Internet service providers will need to improve their infrastructure to support 4K streaming. Today, broadband is fast and reliable enough—the average speed in the U.S. is now more than six megabits per second, and fiber connections can be even faster—for Netflix to deliver full-HD movies. Analysts estimate that 4K streaming will… Read More

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