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Oh Stress, How I Haven’t Missed You.

I finally just finished my Psychology 407 paper and can take one of the bullets out of my gun aimed at my head. However, now I am back to editing the paper for this class and starting a powerpoint for the in class presentation that we are supposed to have on Wednesday. I just love […]

Finished the rough draft!

So I have finished my rough draft and am now allowing people to look over it to see what else I can change on it…so until I have corrections…ON TO ANOTHER ESSAY

Hopeful to Finish Tomorrow

Since my professors have all decided to require for their students’ to write final essays, I have five to do…In order to finish them all on time and efficiently, I am attempting to finish the essay for our class by tomorrow. Well, at least an entire rough draft. I still have quite a bit to […]

Moving along

I find it easier writing my essay on a word document. Having all my text on 11 point font and single space makes me feel like I am getting no where but then for a little bit of hope I change my text to the correct font and it makes me smile a bit knowing […]

One Word At A Time

The worst feeling is when you cannot find any more information on your inquiry project that you don’t already have. I have visited the ends of google and been back with the same information that I left with. It’s really quite difficult to find enough information to reach the limit on such a focused topic. […]

Dead Tired

Finals and these essays are going to be the death of me. My rough draft is exactly what it sounds like – Rough. I am still in the stage of beginning my essay. However, I do have all of my information, links, hyperlinks, conversations and whatnot! I find that it is a bit difficult to […]

Finally Started My Essay

After many different ideas, I have come to the conclusion that Drone Warfare, while very different than my other topics is the one I am committing to! I have already written 1200 words! Soon, I am going to take this to the writing center soon to have them check my progress and see their ideas […]

Back to Back – Drake

Well, by the looks of it, it seems that I am going back to credit cards and all of that fun information. Oh well, it all works out! I already have all my information for it and although it may be a bit boring, it’s A worthy material. BAM

On Wednesdays, We Revise

Now that I confidently want to focus on the development of television programs from when they were first created up to present day. I want to talk about how we have incorporate different ethnicity, world views, vulgar, comedy…etc. into present day television. This will give me the information to write a decent amount about the […]

Wisdom From a Movie

In my sociology class today, we watched a documentary film about the Bronx and Harlem in the early 1980’s. It was a very interesting film about the violence of the crack era. This didn’t have anything to do with my Inquiry project however. What I did notice though was the way that the film was […]

The Monday Struggle

The title the “Monday Struggle” is referring to the actual day. Every Monday is a struggle. However, it does not relate back to my inquiry project because I am on fire now! I have decided to dedicate this project to the advancement of television shows and channels and the affects they have on society. I […]

Begging For Suggestions On a Friday Night

To begin this lovely Friday night assignment, I was hoping for suggestions on my project! It is a bit late in the week to ask for help, BUT- Better late than never! Credit cards (if you have read my other posts) (don’t do that now if you haven’t already because I’ll explain it in this […]

Thirsty Thursday (Still Not Old Enough To Drink)

Unfortunately, since I am still in a dilemma about deciding if I am going to do my final project on Credit Cards or the effects of television on the mind of the consumer. I talked to one of my friends today for quite some time about my ideas and we discussed if the effects of […]

A Few Ideas On A Wednesday

I feel that I am making very swift progress with this essay! The latest idea that I have had is the creation of animated pieces to my project! Because I am still unsure which topic I am continuing upon, I have found pieces and animations for both! It was much harder to find pictures for […]

Tequila Tuesday

So because of my last post, I am in confusion about my topic. I don’t know if I should change my topic or not yet but until I decide, I will continue to forge on with my last topic! Because of this, I have improved my essay by creating a list of sources specifically for […]

Oh No, The Monday Second Thoughts

Well today, as I was reading other class mate’s posts about their inquiry projects, it had me thinking; my inquiry project fits the subject, however it does not really excite me personally. I could write about credit cards and figure out details to write about, but would it be interesting? How interesting can a credit […]


In my arsenal, I have four of my most dedicated thought vectors devoted to this subject of credit cards. First, I have Lawrence M. Ausubel with her article on “The Failure of Competition in the Credit Card Market”. After him, I have Philip K. Chan and Salvatore J. Solfo and their article on “A Case […]

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