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Saturday sneak peaks

I am still working on one of my components I am adding into my blog but here is a site that I found and is using to display that everything is being tracked online, Check it out! It is keeping track of all of the emoji’s that are currently being used on twitter.… Read More

Friday is librarian day

Friday I went to to go see our lovely librarian Jenny Stout. She helped me to narrow down the way that I wanted to approach my topic. We analyzed potential stories to further look into and possible methods to display my project. This helped to clear things over that were unclear before and opened my… Read More

My needy project

Today I have continued to gather more sources because it is better to have more information and knowledge on the topic. This is what the dreamers would have wanted me to do. With more view points, I am able to expand my topic because it brings in new ideas that some may have not thought about.… Read More

Calling all investigators to Unite!

The main focus on my topic is to make people more aware that with new technology advancements, our country’s privacy laws need urgent attention on being updated and consumer surveillance needs to be regulated more strictly. In order to move further with my focused inquiry project, I have focused my attention on four articles and… Read More

How companies are taking advantage of us and we don’t even know it!

“Many experts have told Pew Research that they think privacy challenges will worsen as the Internet of Things expands, and that people will be increasingly enticed (if only grudgingly) to give up personal information in return for the conveniences afforded by digital technology.” This quote comes from an article titled “Half of online Americans don’t know what privacy policy is.”… Read More

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