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Friday Update

Still working on the rough draft should be coming along soon. I messed around with the quicktime player screen recording and the different accessibility options available on my Macbook Pro.

Tuesday Update!

Today wasn’t as productive as yesterday but still working on planning out my rough draft. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to begin on the rough draft and have my sources cited too. Everyone have a safe and a great week!

Monday Update (week 3, Youtube Help)

After readjusting my inquiry project, I’ve been researching with different search words such as “disability and apple”, after doing so I found this one amazing testimonial video by a disabled person. He clearly explains why he chose Apple products compared to the PC products he already owns. The examples couldn’t be any better; he mentions… Read More Monday Update (week 3, Youtube Help)

Thursday Update Week two (Reflecting on Peers and Commenting)

Instead of contributing to my inquiry project, I’ve decided to give my opinion on some of my classmates hard work so far. Currently still working on the many great scholarly sources Ms. Jennifer Stout offered for me to look into. It is only fair to take my time away from my project and contribute some… Read More Thursday Update Week two (Reflecting on Peers and Commenting)

Tuesday Update week two (Involving the NFB)

“Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company” -Daniel Eran Dilger Todays been a very productive and interesting day speculating on what I should do more research on and found some helpful articles that could contribute more to my inquiry project. I did some more research on stories of the accessibility of the… Read More Tuesday Update week two (Involving the NFB)

Investigating and Assembling My Thoughts

Part 1: The Gathering I’ve assembled and gathered the four posts that were most suitable for this project to partake. The first post was the topic of my inquiry project, this post seemed to give the reader a clear view on the main topic I’ll be discussing about. The second post I chose seems to… Read More Investigating and Assembling My Thoughts

Nuggeting source

The accessibility features in the Mac make it a powerful learning tool for students with special needs. It comes with a screen reader, closed-captioned support, and other innovative accessibility features — right out of the box. For students with cognitive, physical, or other disabilities, Mac opens up incredible possibilities for learning. I chose this nugget… Read More Nuggeting source

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