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Finalizing My Dream

Reflection Class has been getting more in depth with the readings we have been doing since beginning of class and we getting more and more involved as a group. The group work got us to think and reflect on what we could remember on the past blogs that we did on the articles. Honestly I… Read More Finalizing My Dream

Mapping my dreamers (revised)

The two students that I decided to review from our section was Srikaruniv200 and oweisad2. The two from other section I chose was frerichsjd and reynoldsme2. Srikars and oweisad was similar to mine except for the licklider article on computer symbiosis. Reason I didn’t add his article is because I wanted stay away from the computer part and get… Read More Mapping my dreamers (revised)

Slow Progress

This class has been picking up speed quite fast, been a little behind on the couple the assignments due to midterms taking up majority my time. It has gotten much more interesting with the discussions we have been doing in class. Deciphering complex written articles has never been my strongest suit or had any interest… Read More Slow Progress

Metamedium Concept Experience

This assignment was fairly challenging but yet still interesting in a way which kept my mind thinking about which posts are relevant to this topic that I will be discussing about. Computer is food, a blog which I thought was appropriate to connect with the metamedium we read about. The blog title invites the reader… Read More Metamedium Concept Experience

extra extra 3D nugget

What would happen in a world in which everyone had a Dynabook? If such a machine were designed in a way that any owner could mold and channel its power to his own needs, then a new kind of medium would have been created: a metamedium, whose content would be a wide range of already-existing… Read More extra extra 3D nugget

Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” (nugget)

Another interesting nugget was that children really needed as much or more computing power than adults were willing to settle for when using a timesharing system. The best that timesharing has to offer is slow control of crude wire-frame green-tinted graphics and square-wave musical tones. The kids, on the other hand, are used to finger-paints,… Read More Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” (nugget)

Computer is Food Nugget

Computers are simply a necessary and enjoyable part of life, like food and books. Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not to know this is computer illiteracy, a silly and dangerous ignorance. I chose this nugget because it is relevant to how I think of computers in my personal … Continue reading Computer is Food Nugget

Another Reflection

A Little late to reflect, but due to work and going out of town and time wasn’t truly on my side at the moment and would like to share some thoughts and reflections so far about this class. The inquiry project we are currently working on is an interesting blog research that I have never … Continue reading Another Reflection

Macbook Pro

It is only appropriate if I do my inquiry project on the device, which I am typing this on at this moment. My Macbook pro, an astounding and fascinating piece of engineering. I’ve decided to write about Macbook Pro, because I currently own one and it has been the best technology that I have purchased … Continue reading Macbook Pro

Integrated Domain Concept Experience

Throughout this week, we’ve read many interesting articles on mostly human/computer based intelligence. I was thinking much deeper than before and surprisingly had some interesting outcome. Some of my ideas were related to other classmates which showed we were all thinking on the same level. Thinking helps your neurons to keep creating new and imaginative … Continue reading Integrated Domain Concept Experience

Free Post 2

Today I’ve decided to blog about studying skills. Many people have different techniques on how they chose to study, for me it has always been listening to classic piano tracks. I’m not talking about any classic piano, I’m talking about some my favorite and all time best piano artists such Beethoven and Mozart. Their tracks … Continue reading Free Post 2

Engelbart Augmentation Nugget

By “augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems. Man’s population and gross product are increasing at a considerable rate, but the complexity of his problems grows still faster, and the urgency with which solutions must … Continue reading Engelbart Augmentation Nugget

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