Section 76!

October 19-October 25

Wednesday and Thursday 10/21-22:

Mapping my Dreamers (concept experience): Select three of the new media readings and synthesize at least five conceptual bases for comparing them to one another. Select useful concepts or insights, summarize them briefly, and then relate them to each other in multiple different ways. The goal here is not a huge amount of writing, but intelligible notes that will be useful later on for yourself and your peers. Compare, contrast, recognize patterns within, and impute the motives behind the dreamers’ work, and you’ll be on the right track. This is not an easy thing to do, and you may find it easier to create a visual version of this process and then either scan it to your blog or use a digital app and then link to it (or embed). Tag the post synthesis so that the cMOOC motherblog can filter these posts usefully.


Friday 10/23:

Revise your Mapping my Dreamers post after visiting the sites of at least four students, two from your section and two from outside your section, preferably those who wrote on the same three essays. Link to their synthesis of the dreamers and compare your efforts to theirs. Also, reflect on why you chose the three essays that you chose.


Sunday 10/25:

By the end of the day, post Finalizing my Dream, in which you lock yourself in to a specific line of inquiry. Reflect on the past week, the three new media dreamers you selected, and what your peers have taught you about them. What subject in or of or about the internet will you research for the final inquiry project, and how will your three dreamers help you do that?

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