Section 76!


Hey guys, so I’ve done a lot of research over the break. I’m solid on how to connect all my points with all of y’all’s previous posts, but I still need to connect it with at least one of the dreamers’ works. I have a meeting with Dr. C tomorrow, so I’m hoping to be […]

SOS- tuesday

I am currently super stressing right now because I just remembered we have to do a presentation tomorrow and I hate presenting so much.  What are you guys all doing for it? just talking or putting together a power point?

Monday Update

I am so tired, school is beyond stressful right now. I’m actually loving the way that my paper is coming along so far. By the end of the day on Wednesday I should have my entire paper completed, well a rough sketch of it. Hopefully everyone is coming along on their papers. Good luck guys Continue reading

Saturday and Sunday Update

Hey guys, professor gave me some great feedback on my rough draft. I have to make my sources stronger and give a stronger argument. I still have to find a dreamer to add into my paper. Tomorrow, I will analyze all of my sources thoroughly and try to find a dreamer to add in my Continue reading

I Need Motivation

I don’t know about anyone else but i’m finding it difficult to come up with 2500 words while still trying to make this paper interesting.  Especially after coming off of Thanksgiving break,  the motivation to do anything productive is completely non-existent.  Hopefully I can find that spark of interest to help me finish off this … Continue reading I Need Motivation

We were on a break!!

I’m not really sure if we’re still supposed to be doing daily updates and I’m a little behind on them if we are, but I turned in my rough draft to Dr. C last week and it was a mess and all over the place so today I worked to organize it a little bit…

Continue reading

Still working

SO inquiry project. Dr.C made it seem kinda like fun. I gotta say, I was kinda excited for it at first. Now, not so much. I’m having trouble finding exactly what to say/write and this 2,500 word count is not helping. As the due date creeps closer, the closer I get to having a break down. On top of the inquiry project I have a …

Oh Stress, How I Haven’t Missed You.

I finally just finished my Psychology 407 paper and can take one of the bullets out of my gun aimed at my head. However, now I am back to editing the paper for this class and starting a powerpoint for the in class presentation that we are supposed to have on Wednesday. I just love […]

Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

Participatory Culture Real Life (Personal) Example   Today I was trying to get as much information as I could gather for my final project. I tried to organize my notes. I read a lot from different sources and I also watched videos. What helped me the most were the videos that I found on YouTube.… Read More

HJ // PC [DRAFT#1]

Such a lovely Friday doing nothing but homework, what a beautiful way of spending my break <3 I set the goal to finish most of my papers today. I can tell you that I set my expectations (quite) to high this time. But anyways, I felt like I really needed to share with you guys… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving; Update

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I didn’t do much work but my sister did read over my essay and gave me a couple of brilliant ideas to add in my paper. Im still waiting for my dad to read it because he is a good writer. Tomorrow I will continue to add to my Continue reading

Friday Update

Still working on the rough draft should be coming along soon. I messed around with the quicktime player screen recording and the different accessibility options available on my Macbook Pro.

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