Section 76!

The Inquiry Project


The final assignment is the inquiry project. You’ll have to have this finished and published for a grade by the last day of class. It’s worth 35% of your final grade. Think of your inquiry project as a research paper for the digital age: although it will have many of the characteristics of academic writing, it’ll take advantage of thought vectors in concept space–and lots of creativity–to make something much more involving and rewarding than a typical “term paper.” Write for the Web!

I. Topics and stipulations:

Your inquiry must be about something in the networked digital age in which we live. In other words, you’ll effectively need to tie your project to the ideas promoted by the dreamers whose ideas you will have read in the first part of the semester. Computers (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the Internet, the Web, and the world they empower are all fair game.

The inquiry project should be at least 2,500 words and contain at least three scholarly sources, with proper citation (APA or MLA format are fine. If you want to use another format, please clear it with Dr C.

The project should also link to a substantial number of your classmates’ earlier posts (don’t forget to link to your own earlier posts, too).

Finally, you should connect your inquiry project in a substantial way to at least one of the “dreamers” whose essays we worked with earlier in the term.

II. Some core criteria for assessing the inquiry project:

  • Thoroughly researched – support by lots of high-quality evidence
  • Well-reasoned – this has to do with the organization and logic of the overall argument
  • Intentional – someone reading it ought to see immediately that it has a point and has some polish.
  • Purposefully written to and for the Web – students should take advantages of the affordances of the Web for composition (multimedia, hypertext (links), etc.)

III. Where will you publish your inquiry project?

Although your final project should be reachable through your blog, you will probably want to create the final project somewhere else and just post the link. There are no limits about the digital tools you might use to create your project and where your project should reside. However, it must be open to the public. There are any number of potential platforms for the inquiry project, including, but not limited to:

  • A stand-alone page (or set of pages) on RamPages
  • A new website entirely (e.g. or Weebly or anything really…)
  • A Google Site or wiki


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