Does Language Impact Personal Identity?

Language is such a power concept because it has the ability to completely shape one’s personal Identity. The usage of words and phrases significantly impacts individuals’ thoughts and character/personal identity. Language is an extremely powerful tool that aids in building new relationships and experiences. When one speaks to another, the attitude, tonality, and posture plays a major role in the impression about an individual. A formal language with clean presentation and a stiff posture provides a firm, respectful impression on an individual. On the other hand, a more colloquial language and informal presentation reduce the respectful impression and provoke a friendly impression. Language does not just include words and phrases, rather presentation and posture.

Body language is also a part of language, which helps other people in the society identify an individual from others. In order to maintain respectful social standards in the society, a person is responsible in developing a self-identity that is unique from the others. Language is a key for everyone, a key that would aid in conforming to new society and new people.

One of the major elements of language that initiates the development of self-identity would be the dialect. Dialect usually involves forms or accents that help identify a certain ethnic, religious, or social groups. Certain words of the same language maybe emphasized and pronounced differently, which can possibly aid in the development of personal identity. From the dialect, an individual may use presentation and posture as an additional element to keenly shape his/her identity. The dialect, grammatical nuances, and the usage of certain words and phrases impact one’s thoughts and actions in a extremely subtle manner; therefore, language and communication can impact society, culture, as well as personal identity.


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  1. I would like to read this article. My junior high Latin class is discussing how Latin and English are different and how those differences might reflect cultural differences. I would like to expand this idea in the future to perhaps even the weaponization of language. So It would be for educational purposes to set the ground work for these ideas. Thanks.

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