UNIV 112 Cover Letter

Dear Mrs. Grothues,

At the beginning of this course I thought myself to be a pretty decent writer, and out of the box thinker, but as I got deeper into the course I realized that I wasn’t as much as an out of the box thinker as I thought I was. This course has taught me how to break down ideas of topics, and how to fully address and explain them effectively. I choose the Timed Writing Paper on Radioactive because writing this paper showed me that when time is of the essence, its important to focus on the main points that will support your argument. I realized that there isn’t much time for creating a full-blown plan and outline, so it is important to be prepared by having basic and general knowledge of the subject your writing about.I chose the Unit 2 Synthesis paper on Radio Frequency Identification because it helped me learn how to compare and contrasts opposing and similar opinions on one major topic. Writing this paper taught me how to develop a research question that was not biased to one side of the argument, and allowed me to view and consider all possible claims to the research questions without any preconceived notions. Writing this paper also allowed me to see how much I had been constraining and limiting myself by going into the assignment with preconceived thoughts on what I would write, without fully exhausting all possible answers to the research question. I chose the Unit 3 Paper because it allowed me to pick and argue a side from all the information I had gathered from writing the synthesis. This paper taught me the importance of not only unpacking evidence when backing up topic sentences, but also explaining and relating how specifically the evidence supports the topic sentence and the overall thesis. At the end of this course I realized though my writing was decent, it still needed a lot of fine-tuning when it came to explaining and relating evidence, and also choosing a strong thesis. In the future, I can apply what I’ve learned this semester by making a note of all the skills that I’ve learned through this course, and reminding myself of the things to be mindful of before I start writing. Overall, I loved this course I and feel that my writing skills have definitely improved since the beginning of the semester.


Thank you,

Vanessa Duah

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