Inquiry Project Outline

UNIV 200 Inquiry Project

Part 1

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan has caused extreme long term damages to the health of the victims as well as the environment. I will be writing about the immediate and long term effects that the survivors had to endure on both a physical and chemical level. I also will include how the radiation exposure has effected the environment in a detailed and scientific way. Further details about ionizing radiation will really help with explaining how radiation really effects the victims and environment. Therefore, the atomic bomb’s effects has greatly damaged Hiroshima, Japan.


Part 2

  • Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
    • Victims have suffered from diseases and cancer
      • Disease X
        • This disease has reached as far as three miles past the bomb site
        • The symptoms of this disease are vomiting, diarrhea, swollen mouth and throat, bleeding from the mouth, and bluish colored spots on the skin
        • This is a very mysterious disease caused by radiation exposure
      • Cancer
        • Lung cancer
        • Liver cancer
        • Breast cancer
        • Leukemia
        • Survivors feared the risk their offspring ending up with cancer because of their current health and chances for cancer themselves
      • Unborn children
        • Pregnant women exposed to radiation = unborn children exposed to radiation
        • Birth defects
        • Deformaties
        • High health risks
        • Diseases
        • Weak immune system/organs
        • Damage to the brain
        • Development difficulties
    • The environment has been destroyed on a chemical and physical level
      • Radioactive elements within plants and animals
        • Bones of animals had traces of radioactive elements that effect development and health
        • Plants and land also radioactive traces within them damaging functionality, growth, future plants and natural resources
        • Contamination to the environment makes water, etc virtually unusable
      • Hibaku Jumoku
        • Called “The A-bomb Tree”
        • Survived the atomic bomb
        • Very unusual
        • Following spring season began to have many new growths
        • New saplings gave hope to the survivors
        • Connected to Japanese culture (emotionally and spiritually)
      • Black Rain
        • Dark liquid
        • Stained all it touched black
        • Contaminated resources
        • Spread past Hiroshima
        • Same effects as radiation exposure
        • Tarry
        • Contained harmful chemicals
          • Aircraft waste
          • Radioactive fallout
          • Various mixes of chemicals
    • Exposure to ionizing radiation explains how the atomic bomb has effected both victims and the environment
      • Original molecular structure is altered
        • Molecular structures within humans and resources are basis of existance
        • Everything has a molecular structure for its specific function
      • Altered molecular structure may cause more harm than good
        • The original molecular structure that has been altered usually changes into something completely different and not needed in the human body or environment
        • All structures are specifically for a certain task, alterations would stray from its purpose
      • Harmful new functions
        • Each structure is a code for a specific function for the organism
        • Molecular structures altered by ionizing radiation tends to result in a new code for poison
        • Poison will be created within the body destroying it from the inside out
        • Chemical mishaps within the body/ organism

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  1. This looks good, Tiffany.

    I still think this would have been more interesting as an “alternate history” type argument, but it’s too late for that.

    I do think that it’s possible that you could make an even stronger claim, though. For example, you could write something like “The dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan caused immediate devastation, and the long-term effects on nature and human life persist as an unmistakable stain on human history.”

    Something like that…

    Also, please do make sure you include scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. I think I remember you referencing medical research at some point, but I don’t see those sources in Zotero.

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