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I chose the key word “social media” to start off and hope to get some hits on the negative of social media as the result. Without much surprise, it indeed isn’t an unpopular idea nowadays. I found many links on mental disorder and psychological effects. I also did learnt some new things like the significant impacts of internet addiction and narcissism to our contemporary society. The computer had given me plenty of relevance search results however, they are too broad and somewhat out of context as I went through more links. Since I have some initial idea, I can tell that I was going off track while can’t get to the focused idea that I wanted to look for. Internet is such a powerful tool but in order to maximize the utility of it, I do think we need some initiative and manipulation along the progress.

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  1. Love this post!
    Interesting how NEGATIVE all of the hyperlinks were — addiction, narcisisim, etc. Nothing good to say about social media — hmmm. Do you buy that?

    Love the image in the background of this post. The little creature looks a bit bedraggled — you??

  2. I would like to use social media a lot less than I do. It’s automatic how I reach for my phone all the time. But I’m not too sure our generation as a whole is doomed because of social media. I like this Ted Talk about millennials:

  3. I had a very similar experience. I struggled to hone in on an idea, and my trials kept going into psychology and sociology pages.

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