Social media, a very essential and popular thing in nowadays life, especially among teenagers. Me too, I really enjoy the utility of it. One of my favorite app is Facebook. My usual habit are wandering off the app, reading for other’s statuses, pages’ posts, chatting with my friends and relatives from the other side of the world. Even though I do go on it every single day for many times, I am not really an active user. I rarely upload any pictures or statuses. I basically using it as a tool to keep me up to date with the outside world and connect with my acquaintances. I probably sound like a legit stalker, or some of you might have thought “Man, you are boring.” I totally understand why and had been through that conversation before.

Maybe I am so social awkward. Maybe I am so stress on privacy. Anyhow I still hold my stance. To me, Facebook, or social media in general, is really dangerous in a way. It isn’t just an entertaining matter nowadays but a mainstream. Social media is a root of attention. Trending, controversial, news, seriously anything, would become concerns and hot topics to discuss for the day if they got noticed by the online community. It’s amazing how people or trend could instantly become a spotlight just by getting a good amount of likes, comments, or shares. With such power, it is indeed very useful to delivery messages to the mass, or to run meaningful campaign, however, if bad things spread, they will go viral as well. Anything that you posted could be seen by anyone. And even if you took it down, it might be in the cloud somewhere, or someone might have downloaded then re-upload it. If I have done something stupid or embarrassing, I definitely don’t want the whole world to know about it and judge me, especially my future employers. That’s why I always take extra cautious before I posted anything on Facebook. But not everyone does that. My home country once had a very controversial incident that reflected perfectly how Facebook is such a double dagger. There was a kind and honest farmer who has very limited experience with social media. He posted a video of his singing online, just like how everyone did. But the problem is he is really (really, really) bad at singing that people would laugh at it till they cry. Every single one would unanimously agree that he is not a good singer at all. His video receive a huge amounts of dislikes as well as negative comments. At first, people just jokingly make fun of him, then it got worse. The comments were getting more and more abusive and insulting. As the result, he became known to his whole village. They laughed at him, talked about him, and some childish kids who even falsely accused him from being shameless who deserved no sympathy. He did nothing wrong at all but that was what he got from exercise his freedom of speech online. I really endorse Facebook however I do think some “ethical of living online” course should be added to our education program in the future before cyber bullying becomes too viral.