This site is meant to help interested parties share more specific resources related to the COVID course transition.

There are lots of good things out there but sharing via email can quickly become overwhelming and it’s not public. Hopefully this site helps solve those problems.

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Keep on Partnering

Keep on Partnering siteĀ is a collection of resources and guidance to support the development and redevelopment of community-based partnerships online. The site provides access to virtual volunteering opportunities, best practices and how-tos for remote partnership development and workflow management as well as guiding principles for community-engaged work in times of crisis.

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A Serious Guide to Assessment during COVID-19

"This guide is designed to help people move onto on-line teaching and assessment, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 virus situation. Particularly worth exploring are some assessment approaches that can be used as alternatives to examinations."

Includes research footnotes.

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Bio Interactive

"Our stories anchor a variety of classroom resources based on peer-reviewed science. From data-rich activities and case studies to high-quality videos and interactive media, our resources are designed to connect students to big ideas in biology, promote engagement with science practices, and instill awe and wonder about the living world."

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Zoom with an iPhone for an External Camera

Had someone ask whether they could switch between cameras in Zoom. They wanted an overhead shot of their live handwriting on paper (also you might want a more flattering camera angle). Here's one way to do that for those of you with iPhones. The free app works, the paid one is $8 or something like that and would allow for more options.

get laptop driver here http://www.kinoni.com/

get the app at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/epoccam…

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