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Week 8

Title: Mission: Saving Matt and his Laptop

Description: Four-part mission with the goal of reviewing Grade 7 Math SOL content

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2 replies on “Week 8”

Hi Joy! I loved the creativity that was built into your lesson! Through a student’s perspective, this would have definitely been visually engaging. The idea of making it a review for the Math SOL by a coding game was phenomenal. I would have never thought of that. The program you used for Q1 was also very interesting and looked realistic. Overall, I had a lot of fun with your review lesson and I am sure a 7th grader would too! Although, I think what would make the lesson even better is if you add a couple websites in the end for the students to visit just in case they need extra help on certain questions they missed. Or you could create multiple code games but one for each section of the Math SOL. Another idea I loved was how you allowed the students to evaluate the coding review game in the end. This will allow you, as the teacher, to understand what your students struggled on the most and how you can improve their weaknesses. Thanks for the fun game!

I loved this lesson I thought it was very creative and well thought through. Your briefing video had me laughing as I watched it! I Think any 7th grade math student would love to save Matt and his laptop from the virus. You also choose well thought out discussion post questions it really made me reflect on my math ability to complete the lesson. I personally have no ideas for improvement!

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