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EDLP Because of Sex

As humans, we need to do more than the bare minimum in treating other people like humans too.

As leaders, we need to do the same.

Offering thirty minutes for pumping is the law, but offering more than thirty minutes, say the individualized woman’s actual time needs, is the decent thing to do. As Dr. Becker has said in class, just because you can get away with it, doesn’t mean you should.

This is where law and ethics need to coexist.

As a leader, it is important to be transparent about the goal to break this “maternal wall.” Supported people make competent employees. People are people before their profession, and that is a motto that is a key principle to remember and apply in life (for anyone in any case).

There is the saying that we have enough success in this world- what we need more of is kindness.  To me, this is the way to lead because success will likely follow.

As for equal pay, being transparent about that will help bring change too. Share information that is legal to be shared, upfront. If people know that they are truly being treated equally, then their focus will likely be more on their job performance.

I can be a leader for change in this topic by being brave enough to be myself. Gender stereotypes and expectations inhibit growth and can stymie possibilities for children (and any person, really) that might otherwise flourish.

I am not out in my school as “Mx.” To be honest, I did not embrace this understanding of myself until I started reading this book. Realizing that I am not alone gave me a sense of belonging that I have been looking for for 33 years.

These two classes have been safe places for me to experiment with seeing how comfortable I am with sharing myself publicly. I get tired of what society expects in terms of what it means to be female, and I just want my work to be accepted on the basis of the fact I am a person, not “just a woman.” Don’t get me wrong; I am a proud she and her. But I’d rather be known as my name before judged as my sex. That’s why I hope to be brave enough to use the title Mx. more publicly one day…or Dr.





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  1. “These two classes have been safe places for me to experiment with seeing how comfortable I am with sharing myself publicly.” That’s amazing; you are, too.

    And, yes, modeling matters. I believe you will be seen and heard and that will matter to the young people in your care.

    (Also, Mx is nice, but I think you’ll enjoy Dr. :))

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