Meat Joy Does Not Bring Me Joy

Meat Joy could be interpreted as feminist, but it could also be interpreted as not. I could see it as a commentary on gender roles, maybe. I did notice a man or two were putting chickens, which are also known as cocks, in between their legs and in their underwear and that there were women putting fish in between their legs, which is the scent a vagina is often compared to. This seemed to kind of separate the men and women. And the men, at times, seemed aggressive toward the women, but that can be interpreted as just the masculine tendency toward aggression and not an artistic choice, and if it was not an artistic choice it is a whole other topic. All the people, men and women, seemed to have very thin, conventionally attractive bodies, which sort of puts them all in the position of  being meat. I also worry that they’re going to get sick rubbing raw meat all over themselves.

One thought on “Meat Joy Does Not Bring Me Joy

  • April 11, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    LOL Worried about getting sick : 0
    But what about their joyfulness?!


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