Blog Post #1 My First Impression

I remember when I was registering for my courses this spring semester and I saw that this class was available, “The Truth About Lying”.  The title was very intriguing so I decided to risk my time for this course. The subject of deception and truth have always fascinated me since I was young because lying is such a significant part of our human story.  Lying has existed since humans could breathe, it’s a complex act that gains its power when believed by one. In the first couple of weeks in class, we discussed the frequency of deception through many different lenses (Scientific, Interpersonal, Political, etc).  I thought that was an effective way to tackle a broad subject like lying because it shows the subfields that deception takes place in. Continuing through the two weeks of this class, I noticed how much the students influence what we learn in this class. A great example of this is the fishbowl activity.  The fishbowl is a unique way to discuss provoking questions that us students generate based on the assigned reading. The reading touched on my different styles of research and philosophy about lying and we would have to interpret what we read by asking ourselves and the class questions. Initially, I thought that this class was just another general education class, but now I realize the prevalence of deception is all around us in the knowledge we are taught and the media that is shown and with that, discernment will be a significant skill to have.

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