Portfolio Cover Letter

Dear FI Faculty Member and future instructors;

UNIV 111 has made me aware of my skills and weaknesses as a writer and collaborator, has provided me with an environment to improve, and has established a foundation on which I can build on in the future, both academically and professionally.

The curriculum in this course has challenged me in the best ways, refining the skills that I initially felt confident with when I began the course (critical thinking, quantitative literacy, and writing proficiency), while developing those that I felt less confident with (oral communication and ethical and civic responsibility), in the end transforming me into a more capable, creative, and critical thinker.

I thoughtfully selected one writing assignment from each unit in order to show my progression in the course, highlighting how I have developed as a student and evolved as a thinker. I believe that the pieces that I have selected for my portfolio not only demonstrate the variety of assignments that we have had in the course and my grasp of the curriculum, but also illustrate my range as a writer and skills for both informal and formal writing.

The student lead discussion assignments (Unit I and Unit III pieces) that I selected were my first and last, respectively, SLD responses for the course. These two assignments, paired together, illustrate the development in my work and thought processing as the course progressed.

The Unit II piece that I selected was the Unit II observational paper. I included this piece because it was my favorite assignment throughout the whole semester and I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with it. Not only did I successfully create a persuasive, investigative essay that has a clear and strong argument, but also I think the end result is also something very entertaining and pleasing to read.

This portfolio reflects the consistency and quality of my work in this course, my attention to detail, and my committed work ethic.

I hope that you will find this portfolio helpful and informative; and I thank you for your time examining it.


Teresa Williams

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