Twitter Twatter

You may now call me Mr. Curmudgeon.

So I tried to do the Twitter assignment. I really did. I reached into that dark hole looking for shiny 140 characters nuggets about the the best or worse online courses.

Our OLE guide suggests this process will cast light on my own hopes and fears about online learning. Perhaps that’s why the hole is so dark. I found little illumination. Who are these people? Why should I listen to them? Will an online course in “lucid dreaming” really change my waking life?

I’m not a Luddite. I use twitter for some of my own work, following international journalists who know a hell of a lot more than I do. So I know it can be a great tool in some contexts.

But why is it essential in creating innovative online courses? So far I haven’t heard a good argument.

There are, after all, alternative ways to gain knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Twatter

  1. Twitter is a possible communication tool. People use it, like most tools, to suit their needs. We thought using the tool for a few weeks might help you determine (as you already have) ways to connect to people in the know about a particular idea, question, …. The point is connecting to an open network of people with shared purpose.

  2. I think twitter will be useful for networking purposes. I also consider that it might give me another window into the students’ lives that could help spark connections.

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