Hats Off


First, hats off to the OLE people for the “Google syllabi” link. It’s really useful and somehow I never stumbled on to doing this before.

That’s right, it never occurred to me to look at syllabi for related courses. This is partly because, at this point in my career, I feel I’m best teaching what I know and what inspires me from year to year. But it’s also because….it just never occurred to me.

Yes, I know.

Anyhow it was intriguing to see the wide variety of texts and approaches employed by others. While I’m fairly anchored in my own approach, I find myself already stealing a little bit from everyone and dreaming how my curriculum might be broadened.

One thought on “Hats Off

  1. I’m glad we found something that resonated. 🙂

    It’s a nice little trick- far short of seeing people teach but it does lift the curtain a bit . . .

    I often look at the syllabi for graphic design courses just to see how people with that kind of focus that put the information together.

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