Foucalt, Chris rock and our soft generation

Chris Rock was recently interviewed and stated that he doesn’t like to do his stand up at colleges because students have become too “conservative” too afraid to go against someone else’s beliefs or hurt someone’s feelings, which is basically all comedians do. I could’t agree more with Rock in that I have grown up in in the softest generation to date. ¬†Everybody is too worried about what other people think and that is why they take offense to every little thing that is said. People are no longer allowed to have their own opinion or else they get burned at the stake for it, when what they really should be saying to themselves is, why do I care so much about what this person is saying? Why, when I have no relationship with this person other than knowing who he is, does this bother me so much? This has become control of the discourse as Foucalt talked about. Instead of us being able to voice our own opinion, the discourse has shifted to the “conservative” people as Rock stated. People who challenge the dominant ideology such as Rock are necessary to our society because without people like him we would just have a population of people aiming to please everyone, which we all know, if you want a formula for failure, try to please everyone all the time. Stop feeling bad, stop agreeing and stop handing out participation trophies.

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