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The class for me so far has gotten off to a slow start in terms of peaking my interest regarding any one topic.  I guess the most convincing information I have observed in class surrounds the PERMA model and Keyes model.  Fredrickson’s “Broaden and Build Theory” seemed to make the most sense to me because of the way it appears to perpetuate good things in your life in a cyclical form through positive emotion.  I know this thought is unfounded, though it feels worth sharing, it seems likely that if you maintain a state of positive emotion for an extended period of time not only will your day to day quality of life go up, but you could enter into your flow zone where you are just dominating the challenges that come up.   Though the idea of having to work just hard enough in something that is manageable seems almost too idealistic and I do not agree with this being a good judgement of how you are doing as a person.  A perspective that I hold is if obstacles arise, given you have been implementing methods to maintain a good life outlook, you will possess the power to rise to the occasion.  The information I was most surprised about was the amount of genetic influence present in particular situations.  I never considered someones ability to be predisposed to certain mental aliments such as depression the same way people are predisposed to things like breast cancer.  I quite enjoyed the explanation of the concept in class because it seemed very balanced and acknowledging of the possibility people can be influenced to different degrees regarding genetics.

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Am I Predisposed To Addiction?


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