loaf1unnamedOH BOY!  Here’s our nutraloaf BEFORE baking it in the oven!  While it was baking, I have to say it smelled a little tomato-y AND raison-y.  It is also very HEAVY.  Good thing it’s finger food because I don’t have paper plates!  


um.  Nick isn’t too sure.

loaf2unnamedBreann at least smiled while she tasted. loaf3unnamed Zoe may spit it out.loaf4unnamedDevon was a good sport — before he tasted, anyway. loaf5unnamed John: no complaints. loaf6unnamedAnd finally Alex.  “Hey, can I have another piece?”   photo-1Moral Court ROLES for TU NOV 18th CLASS:

9:30 CLASS:

Carmen — prisoner sentenced to eat nutraloaf

Sassy — prison warden

extras:  Hana-May, Riley, Timon  (witnesses or experts as determined by lawyers)

Lawyers:  Wilson, Sade, Claire, Taylor, Isabella, Cath, Avi,

Jury:  Victoria, Logan, Selasi, Kaela, Jay

2:00 CLASS:

Lawyers:  Amrow   Matt  Khiana   Lexus  Eric  Alex  Sarah  Roxanne  Juan

Prisoner:  Kamali

Witness:   Jacob  Maria  Camille  Emily, Elisabeth

Wardon: Caton

Jury:  Hannah   Erin  Naomi  Anna  Andrew

5:30 Class 

Lawyers:  Gabby, John, Emma, Tessa, Devon, Alli, Nick, Brittnay

Warden:  Zoe

Prisoner: Brian

Witnesses / experts:  Kaetlin, Hazel, Natalie, Michael, Allison

Jury: Chris, Kristina, Breann, Pamela, Mohammed

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