Interpreting My Dream

In my “texting my dream” post i decided to focus on GoPro as my primary text for the inquiry project. I found this video particularly interesting because of the variety of activities recorded. The music also set a good vibe for the video. The description in the info bar, “Extreme sports video motivating.¬†Extraordinary people, Extraordinary POV” also caught my eye which made me think it would make for a decent primary text.

I feel like the compilation of videos and the points of view are so unique and captivating that there’s so much to talk about. The video truly is extraordinary in every aspect. The song also works with the video, creating an emotional appeal that makes the viewer appreciate the recording power of a GoPro. This makes for a significant object of study because it shows advancement in technology. Anyone could study this from different perspectives, such as a film student, a sports enthusiast, or even a trend reporter. GoPro videos are more than just videos, they are works of art that get shared from all over and which are viewed by millions, generating new ideas or even challenges.

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