“Social media can nurture cowardice. It fuels a sense of bravado and gives us false courage to say things online we would never have the guts to say in person. It also provides an all-too-convenient means of hiding behind playing “pretend” and avoiding harsh realities in our lives. During times we most need to be courageous, social media makes it so easy to be a coward. In fact, as you read this now, millions of people are “connecting” and socializing with people they may never meet in person, all while they fail to make eye contact, much less engage in conversation, with people only a few steps away, or sitting right beside them.”


I chose this passage because it address a significant portion of the argument I am making for my project. I am building my case on how social media can negatively effect face to face interactions. That is what this article mainly addresses. This passage in particular intrigues me because it is a very interesting theory that I believe is more than plausible. In my last post I talked about how social media use was increasing over the last few years. If this can be proven to be true then just imagine how many people are being negatively effected. There are many repercussions that can occur, such as a dramatic increase in cyber bullying. This number may even be worse among teens since they utilize social media more than adults. These two sources complement each other because they address different issues with social media and how it effects face to face interactions. Knowing all this, it will help me form a stronger, more accurate argument.



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