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So I have decided to write about a web space and my conversation is going to based off of the comments on the web space. It is a video on YouTube about mass incarceration in the United States. It discusses the issues with it and displays it with a very eye opening way. It was one of those videos that made me think about the topic for days. I believe there is plenty of arguments brought up in the comments to give me more than enough information for this paper.

3 thoughts on “Project proposal”

  1. So the idea is to analyze the comments on the video? You’re certainly going to get some …colorful content in the comments on any given YouTube video. I’m certainly glad that this video had such a profound effect on you. Something that provokes your thoughts and emotions like that will make for a fantastic paper.

  2. I never really thought about talking about incarceration, but I think its going to be a really interesting topic to talk about! Maybe, it would be nice if the proposal was just abit more detailed enough to know what specific argument you were trying to raise, but other than that, its a good start.

  3. I never thought about incarceration in that point of view. The video does give me a interest in how and why the prison system began. I be curious to see if anyone have a concept to fix the problem or the very least improve on it.

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