Futuring My Dream

Looking at my digital space ten years from now I would hope I can look at it with pride, prideful for not what the prison system was but what it has become. I can only hope that the video motivates individuals to become aware about how flawed our prison system is. From total segregation from society to the crimes within the prison, our judicial branch has become out of hand and is too focused on punishment rather than deterrence and it is time for a change. In the future I expect that congress would have realized that catastrophic failure the prison system has become. Letting my imagination run wild I could only imagine that this web space acts as a catalyst for change.


Edit: Unfortunately this post will probably not be too relevant for my research question. Although it may be helpful to mention what a prisoner would think of this video if they saw it on their release date 10 years from now.

One thought on “Futuring My Dream”

  1. This is another very serious topic I’m seeing out of most of the goofy ones I’ve looked at. I’m very interested to see how you look more into your topic and what it becomes!

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