Kay Goldberg Nugget

“We have designed an interim version of the Dynabook on which several interesting systems have been written in a new medium for communication, the Smalltalk programming language.2 We have explored the usefulness of the systems with more than 200 users, most notably setting up a learning resource center in a local junior high school.”

I imagined how those incarcerated in prisons would react if they saw a computer like this for the first time. Most of those incarcerated most likely have never even seen a computer. I can’t imagine the cultural shock freed prisoners felt when seeing technology that was invented while they were serving time.

It actually reminded me of a video I came across in high school, a rapper freed from prison sees what a selfie is for the first time. While in the video he doesn’t look extremely impressed, but he goes on later to say in an interview that it was quite the shock to see that technology has changed so rapidly.

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