“As We May Think” nugget

“Consider film of the same thickness as paper, although thinner film will certainly be usable. Even under these conditions there would be a total factor of 10,000 between the bulk of the ordinary record on books, and its microfilm replica. The Encyclopoedia Britannicacould be reduced to the volume of a matchbox.”

I am blown away by this nugget, I almost feel like Bush is really aiming low in here to be honest. Further on in the article he talks about a voice commicating with a human like siri does today. In this nugget however our technology is much more advance than what he expects. Recently, while browsing reddit, I came across a link that showed the computer being transported somewhere 58 years ago and a computer chip in present times. His idea of film being still present in far future is so far off. The encyclopedia he mentions is about the english language, that information could be stored on an apple watch if needed today! It always entertains me to see what people in the past said about our present future. You can find stories like these all of the internet if you wanted.

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