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The link I came across was actually mention in my “as we may think” nugget. It was something I always get blown away and that is our advancement in our technology. A computer of that size today would be known as a smart computer, these behemoths can store information that exceeds the capabilities of any human brain. What I can hardly imagine is what happens 58 years from now. What if computing could be some how converted into liquid? I almost guarantee 58 years from now we will be on other planets and developing ways to travel to other solar systems. But who knows? Maybe I’m the one aiming low, or am I expecting too much? Just recently I saw an article that was discussing an anti- aging pill going into clinical trials. I never thought I would be able to see that happen. These pills could potentially let you live to be up to 120 years old. Maybe yodas age won’t be so absurd a few generations from now…

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