Engelbart Nugget

“This is an open plea to researchers and to those who ultimately motivate, finance, or direct them, to turn serious attention toward the possibility of evolving a dynamic discipline that can-treat the problem of improving intellectual effectiveness in a total sense. This discipline should aim at producing a continuous cycle of improvements–increased understanding of the problem, improved means for developing new aug mentation systems, and improved augmentation systems that can serve the world’s problem solvers in general and this discipline’s workers in particular. After all, we spend great sums for disciplines aimed at understanding and harnessing nuclear power.”

This last paragraph really sticks out to me, unfortunately in a saddening way. The last sentence mentions how we used to focus heavy on nuclear power, unfortunately it is no longer being used o its full potential. If you look into this energy, it really seams like science fiction. It’s sort of this alternate reality I imagine where nuclear energy ran our energy market. However, there is a negative stigma that lies within nuclear energy that is what I believe to be prejudice. I believe if researched more this energy could solve most if not all of our problems with our current driving energy source. The issue is the problems that can arise from this substance. I think one thing Engelbart was trying to explain was that if we speed the process of developing artificial intelligence we can more quickly solve issues with harvesting nuclear energy. Fortunately there are nuclear energy supporters out there like me, and I recently saw an interesting discussion on having a nuclear reactor under water which discussed how water “contains”┬áthe radiation better than air.

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  1. I completely agree with you. The lack of effort on the work for the future of Energy is very depressing indeed. I feel that fixing and enhancing the energy problem can really be beneficial to everyone in the world. People are so focused on the wrong things and its all selfishness. Good post and I really love that nugget as well.

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