Nuggeting Sources

“As a prisoner, I could not access the Web directly. Staff members oversaw policies that placed enormous barriers between the people inside boundaries and society. In the prisons where I served my sentence, prisoners were even prohibited from accessing electronic typewriters. They had their reasons, I suppose, but blocking people inside from using technology did not go far in preparing them for success upon release.”

This article┬ádid very well in explaining what it’s like to be released into the free world after solitary confinement. This nugget describes the difficulty of obtaining decent technology while in prison. The amount they have to learn when released is years worth of technology and improvements.

One thought on “Nuggeting Sources”

  1. The article does a well job explaining how a person who spend a long time isolated in society and away from technology can have a difficult start when he is released. I believed that it’s common sense that anyone who had a long prison term will be confusion of what society has change, especially in common norms and technical advances.

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