Connecting Nuggets

“As a prisoner, I could not access the Web directly. Staff members oversaw policies that placed enormous barriers between the people inside boundaries and society. In the prisons where I served my sentence, prisoners were even prohibited from accessing electronic typewriters. They had their reasons, I suppose, but blocking people inside from using technology did not go far in preparing them for success upon release.”

“The private sector logic will aim to provide services at little cost: meals will be calculated to the strict nutritional minimum, health programs will not involve preventive care but only cures, and there will be maximum security surveillance…. Prison privatization will bring about a reduction in personnel costs.  Money will  be invested in electronic surveillance and new  technologies ; prison staff will be even less qualified since they will not have keep in an eye on inmates but instead  will need to keep check on the equipment that monitors inmates. Public opinion will believe that educational issues will be settled by simply providing inmates with CD- ROMs and other such tools to for them to study themselves.”


I look at these nuggets as a conflicting stories of what is going on. The second article was speaking of private prisons, however there are many arguments that say there is hardly a difference in private and public prisons. Michael Santos’ mentioned spending time in a halfway house, I knew the word but I never really looked into it. It’s actually a place where criminals and former drug addicts go to become assimilated into today’s. However the first thing I thought is that they are giving these criminals a way to meet other criminals. Our focus should be to get these individuals in areas where drugs and criminals are not clustered together. There are obviously going to be individuals who are going to be more difficult then others and they should be more a complex process to assimilate the into society.

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