Connecting Sources Week 3

“On television’s “60 Minutes,” one advocate for a harsh treatment of prisoners claimed “You can hear kids saying now, ‘well, you know, if I can’t make it, you know I can foul up and I’ll go to prison and I’ll get a free education’” (cited in Page, 2004, p.358). Ultimately, hysteria associated with the war on crime combined with political opportunism to overcome all opposition. The amendment to the 1994 Crime Bill disqualifying prisoners from receiving Pell Grants passed.”

This brings up the counter argument for having education in prisons. It  bodes for individuals to use the our welfare programs to their advantage instead of trying to avoid it. I’ve heard of this issue being used in food stamps. It brought me to another thought, if they are looking for free education should further education be free to those who cannot afford it? I know that a current presidential has proposed a plan  that for all of those seeking further education it would be free. However there is a lot of opposition to that, so what if it was based on income? Just another thing to look into.

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