The City & The City

Before I started reading The City & The City I looked up the book and read a few different summaries to get an idea of what the book was. I new it was going to be a mystery novel, which I usually like to read, so I found it interesting and was excited to read it. Because I like reading mystery novels and watching mystery shows I was able to visualize a senecio that I developed in my head as I read the book so I could really understand and visualize a world in which this novel was a reality. In the beginning of the book it was a little  confusing with all the names and new cities, it was like reading a foreign language for a little while. As I was reading I would write notes to remember each persons names and where they were from so I could recall them easier if they came up again,  but it became a lot easier when I got use to the text. As I continued reading however, I realized it added a layer of creativity that grabbed my interest. It can be frustrating opening a book and being instantly dropped into a scenario that is filled with so many details and where you are filled with so many questions. This book although was hard to be thrown into, kept my attention until I had all the answers that satisfied my curiosity. I liked that throughout the novel you could keep the questions in the back of your mind and later finding out how they all connect. The book started developing right when you find out about the crime from the begging. I liked that it had a dramatic opening and thought it set the course of the book well and kept the audience wanting to read more and find out what happened to the girl. The author also kept the audience interested until the very end of the novel because that’s then all of the clues and investigation comes to an end and the book all starts to connect. I also enjoyed talking to other students about the book and we are  able to discuss parts of the book that the other may have missed which helped to create a better picture about the world the book takes place in. Overall, I really enjoyed the novel and I felt like I understood the context of the book and was able to understand the language the author used throughout the book.

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  1. I really relate to this blog post because you perfectly explained how I felt reading this novel, a little overwhelmed and very confused. I really liked that you said what you were confused about because I’m pretty sure every person struggled with the same things that you did, there being a lot of names and the language that the author uses. The one thing I would have liked to have gained from this blog post was why did the authors language confuse you? What did Mieville say that made you not undertsand what he was saying? And maybe you could have thrown in an example?? But otherwise this is a great reflection!

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