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Recently I watched a video by Mohamed Ali called Unemployment and Terrorism. His observations took place in Mogadishu, which is the capital of Somalia. He was studying the social lives of young adults in Mogadishu going through a time where there are limited job opportunities. According to the video by Ali, there is a link between young adults with no jobs to joining in terrorist groups and behaviors. These young adults cannot work because there are no jobs available too them, with or without a college degree. They are in a state of waithood, where there is nearly nothing for them. This state of being puts these young people in a vulnerable state where they need to find something they can do to not be in a constant state of waithood. When there are no opportunities for jobs people turn to doing bad instead of good. This is were terrorist groups come into play. They see these people with nothing to do and they pursued them into their group, giving them a place to be or something to do. Much like the boy Ali talks about in the beginning of the video, Where he moved from home to find work in a bigger city but when he arrived he found nothing and had to live in a tent community. Until a group came in and took interest in him and his life. They provide him with money, a wife, and a purpose in life. This is what all these young adults are trying to find, a purpose, so when there are no opportunities available for them, they are willing to take anything that comes up so they can start to provide for themselves and their families. Ali’s solution to this issue was to teach people in this waithood state how to be entrepreneurs. So he went to Mogadishu and taught a class for the young adults so they would get out of this pattern of life that is occuring. They need to be actively creating jobs for themselves to avoid this state of living. He learned their stories and what they are doing for themselves, what jobs they are creating to support a better life. They need to be taught entrepreneurship so they can do good for the world and create a good life for themselves.  

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  1. I love this post because it brings light to the fact that sometimes people just need help and someone to listen to their troubles. I feel as if we live in a time period that everyone feels as if they have to go through things alone just to maintain the perception of being strong. I highly doubt most people start out saying they want to be a terrorist, but when they feel as though no one is left in their corner, they do what they need to so they can survive, whether it is right or wrong. I like how you explained why some end up in these potions instead just accusing like others would do. Good work!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog, I had to do this exact assignment for my sociology class. I just believe its amazing how cultural influences conforms us to accept and want to fit in so bad to the point we will do anything to “seek acceptance” like harming others just to feel like we are apart of a society that supposedly cares about us. When in reality they don’t care because if they did that wouldn’t make these young teens do stuff that harms others. However, you talk about the teens being entrepreneurs, but how can they do that without money? If these teens governments are not funding their businesses, where could they receive the money from ? Especially if their families are poverty stricken, because unfortunately not everyone has extra money to contribute to a dream that could possibly either a success or failure.

  3. It breaks my heart to know this. I never really knew or understood where terrorist groups came from or how they began or formed. Knowing that these individuals came from a place of sovereignty and living day-by-day, paycheck-to-paycheck just to get by in the world and that these leaders of the terrorist groups took advantage of them in every way possible to do their “dirty work” for them and causing harm to so many people and families is heart breaking. There needs to be something done to prevent this from happening in the future. There should be organizations and mission committees that offer help to these poor souls who just want to be successful in life, and not taken advantage of by these evil and dangerous groups.

  4. This is blog is really interesting. I see how young adults joining terrorist groups relates to lack of opportunity. The fact that terrorist groups live mostly in developing countries with very high unemployment rates and low opportunity makes sense. Great observation and explanation.

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