Preparing for the “real world”

In the past year and a half a big part of my life and I’m sure many other people around the age of 18 has been the topic of college. It is a big decision for a lot of people of this age. With many weighted question and concerns crowding the minds of high school seniors. Each new school year we enter into is supposed to be preparing us for the following year of school, it is supposed to prepare us for more challanging test, ideas, experiences, and changes in our lives. We are taught that if we stick to the schedules given to us by our teachers each year we are in school we will succeed and be prepared for our future endeavors. I have found that to be the case when going through all 4 years of high school, we take one required class after another until you graduate, and at that point you are supposed to know what it is that you want to do with your life. For some people this works, but for a lot of people I have talked to after graduating high school, myself included, had no idea what to study in college because of lack of experiences and opportunities from high school. We did not really get a chance to see what is out there for us to do. I feel like high schools need to get students more involved with the “real world” and people who have interesting jobs. There needs to be more connections made between high school students and what comes after their 4 years there. These students can of course research all they want on major, jobs, and other interests but when it comes down to it, reading about a job and actually experiencing it are very different. Actually seeing all the work that goes into it and ¬†what experiences get you prepared to take it on, can be very beneficial to someone interested in a certain job, field, or someones who’s trying to get an idea of what they want to do with their life. Personally I feel like creating connections like these in high ¬†school would really help a lot of students create a path for themselves.

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  1. I completely agree with you. As someone who felt I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life while everyone else seemed to be set, it made me feel like I was the one doing something wrong. We sit in these classes that are supposed to help us make it into the future career we want, but does it really. Of course do learn some skills needed for the future in classes, but will it help overall. I once read about how kids aren’t learning to actually retain the information, but to just pass the classes and I can’t agree more. We are in a time where we should be getting the experiences we need for our future careers. If we don’t I think we will end up never even knowing if a job we say want is the job of our dreams.

  2. I agree with you that high school does not expose you to what college has in store. When you major in college you normally get a job in that field so it is very hard for people to make a like changing decision. My high school offered a technical center for all upperclassmen. This meant that if you were accepted you got to travel to another building to take classes in your intended interest. They offered classes for interests in nursing, dental, physical therapy, cosmetology, nail tech, engineering, culinary, electricity, fire fighting, farming and many more. Each class is required to get a certification so in order to graduate from cosmetology you must pass the state board to practice you interest. In addition to a certification you must complete volunteer hours with your class for your interest. I wish more high schools had programs like this because it helped me decide on my major . Programs like this help high school students get their toes wet in whatever appeals to them. I think this would save plenty of college students a lot of money because they would have solidified what their major should be.

  3. You basically took my thoughts right out of my brain with this one!! I have been saying this since my first week of college. The first semester was the roughest! I admit that I may have not been doing all I could do at the beginning of the semester but on the same token I feel as though I approached college like I was stepping into another high school. To my surprise I was completely wrong!! I have never had to even take my own notes let alone teach myself fifty percent of the material. Not only is college the biggest scam of all time it is so stressful that I found myself not retaining information like I should have because I was mainly focused on preforming well on one test instead of taking all of the material into account. High school should definitely put in place a program that treats the students as if they are already in college. Maybe teaching them time management skills, study skills, or even stress management (definitely a necessity). It’s such a shame that I spent four years in high school to come to college as lost as I was. I think that these programs should be mandatory for all high school students.

  4. I agree with you entirely. I was one of those students that knew what they wanted to do since 7th grade. This is because at my school they made us pick career paths in middle school so once we get to high school we can plan courses around that. they had us take quizes to match us with jobs and stuff but even then I would still always question if that is what I really wanted or it was just something I convinced myself I wanted. It was hard because, as you said, I never had any true experience with it just youtube videos and articles on the job. So I basically just went by waiting and looking for an opportunity to experience it but it never came. Luckily after some time at VCU, I realize it is the right thing for me.

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