Moving away

As a person who has lived in a small town my whole life the idea of moving far from home has always intrigued me. My hometown is a very small community where I have known all the people my age since I was about 5 years old. It is a very nice place to live, its right on the water, its close to a bigger city, and it has all those cute small town feelings when you are there to visit. I do like to live in that small little town but moving away from it seemed like something I was always looking forward to since I was little. I eventually did leave when I decided to come to Virginia for school. It was something I thought long and hard about and it just seemed like the thing I wanted to do and what was right for me. People view this mind set, of so eagerly wanting to move away, as me hating the people I live with or hating where I am from. This however is not the case. I love my family and friends and the town where I live, that is not the reason I felt like I needed to leave. People will say things like, “I guess you just needed to move away from your parents” or “I didn’t k now you were that sick of the cold weather” when I tell them I moved so far away from home for school, I will joke with them and say yes, but this is far from the reality. I felt that as a young adult I needed to see what else there was in the world, aside from my small little town. I felt like I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone and meet people with different backgrounds from my own and the people I grew up with. I felt like this moving out of my state would give me a different perspective on the world and be able to view the world through many different people and their beliefs. I have found this to be the case and I am so happy I went out of my comfort zone to see what is beyond my home state. I am very grateful of all the things I learned and experiences I had in my home town but expanding on all of those was important for me and the only way I felt like I could do that would be if I left and expanded my connections in the world.

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  1. I really like this blog because I can relate to it. Knowing the same people and seeing the same people everyday for your whole life and get old and make you feel like you’re not elevating. It takes a really mature person to decide to leave where they are from to try to better themselves and learn and see new things. I am very happy with my decision to leave my city because Wouldn’t have done or seen the things I have today. I hope that your decision to change paths is going as good as you hoped.

  2. I come from a small town too. I absolutely love it there but before I came to college, I was so bored because there isn’t much to do in my town. Looking back now, comparing living in the middle of the city and living in a small country town, I really miss home. I miss driving down the dirt roads and going to the beach every day and fishing and having nothing to do but drive around and go out to eat with friends. When I’m older and graduate from college I hope to live in a small town again where everybody knows everybody.

  3. I would not describe they are I came from a small town, but as you said I wanted to get out and experience a new and more urban area. This is college though, the next step of your life. It might have been hard for people to leave what they were used to but you need to experience more stuff. I believe that a kid moving out to college is helpful for development into an adult. The hardest thing for me when I first got here was to make friends, but now I have tons of friends I hang out with.

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