Pollution at the James River

Over the weekend my friends and I decided to go to Belle Isle and take a hike to enjoy the nice weather we were having in the middle of February. I had been there one time before but never walked around, only looking at it from above. Once we started walking around and traveling along the trails, I saw a problem that I had not seen from far away. I saw that there was a lot of trash. I found it sad that there was so much litter around such a beautiful nature preserve. There were bottle caps, wrappers, aluminum cans, and broken glass everywhere. I even saw plastic elating down the river which is a huge problem. I over heard some people along our hike talking about how just 5 years ago there would be people swimming in the James river without a concern. But today, due to all the pollution that is something you can not due. I then saw signs around the river warning people to not swim in the water because it is too polluted and it is not safe to be in. This is all a man made problem that continues to get worse. All of this pollution was created by humans and their unwilling ness to see the problem in littering.

This pollution by humans is destroying the natural habitat of the wild life that life in the water or near it. They depend on the river and its natural resources to provide for them and sustain their life. Since humans have come through and made it their own, we have started to destroy that for them. Making it almost a dangerous environment for them to live in. We need to become more environmentally conscious before it is too late and the damage that we have created to the earth is irreversible.

This problem is not only local to Richmonds Belle Isle however. It is a problem consuming all parts of the world. If you go to any beach, wild life preserve, or park, you will see litter and pollution all around you. It is always talked about being a major problem but barely anything gets done about it to change it on a day to day basis by everyone. There has to be solutions to fix this problem other wise the damage we have created will be out of our hands. If everyone was more aware of the problem that is infant of us, instead of being blind to the consequences in the future there may be a willingness to help out and hopefully change their way of life.

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  1. I liked your blog a lot, I totally agree. The river is a has gotten so bad over the last couple of years. When I was little, my parents used take me there and we would go swimming in it everywhere. Now since some little kid died from and amoeba in their ear I haven’t gone back in the river. It is just so nasty now, some of the people that go down there just leave all their cigarette butts everywhere and they break all their beer bottles on the rocks. Its not even safe to go bare foot there anymore because of all the glass. People just need to learn how to clean up after themselves because they are really hurting the James river ecosystem with all their litter.

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog because I just did a project discussing pollution and it really opened my eyes. I have not been to Belle Isle in years and its sad to hear how much trash is taking over the natural habitat that has been formed there. It is hard to advocate and help people realize how much it is effecting our world when we have such small voices, but the more people that are aware, the better no matter how little of a group that is. I really hope that over time people can realize how their actions can actually effect not just the habitats, but themselves as well. I completely agree with you in the sense that we need to find a way to change this issue so it does not continue to get worse. Do you think even if a few people changed their habits it would change much ?

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