Last week I was listening to a guest speaker in one of my classes talk about innovation and creating. Her lecture was all about how she got to where she is today in her career and what paths took her to where she is today. Something from her lecture caught my attention and has been on my mind for a while now. She asked us a simple question of, what do we want to do in our careers? This question is asked of college students a lot but she changed the question up a little. She asked us, what do we want to be involved in the creation of? Just by changing up that question a little bit made me really think and have a new thought processes on picking a career path . It made me rethink the way I look at jobs in general by filling my head with new questions. Such as, how do I want to help the world through my career? or what do I think needs some improving and that I can help with? The new though process opened all new options in my mind that I would like to rethink and explore more options open to me. So I can find something that I would like to be involved in the creation of.

She went on to tell us about a group of young kids she worked with and a creation they came up with. This group of children was in 5th grade and their assignment was to create a helpful product. Their group was supposed to come up with an idea just for this little project but their idea turned out to be very helpful and with help became a real concept. Their idea was a tool to filter the water in flint Michigan due to the lead that has contaminated it. They saw a  problem with how they were getting their water. Where they use all plastic non reusable water bottles for everything which they found wasteful and a problem that need a solution. So their invention was a reusable straw that could filter the water free of lead and it would reduce the use of all of the plastic water bottles. This is in the process of becoming a real tool that will be produced all because of this 5th grade class. They found as a group something they wanted to be apart of the creation process to help others, which I find to be a great thing to be teaching young children.

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