Keeping my work in order

Something I have the most trouble with dealing with is time management. My problem with time managment creates a lot of stress and anxiety in my day to day life. I am mostly talking about keeping myself on a good, well timed out schedule for me that will allow me to get all of my work completed fully. ¬†When it comes to school work I have a hard time planning out and keeping on top of all that comes my way. Apart of the time management that I struggle with is the Splitting up of my work load. I try to work on assignments or studying in little parts so it does not all come down to the last moment but with so much to do that is often not the case. For example, this semester I find myself up until late hours of the night after a full day of classes just trying to fit in my work that is due the next day, especially for big assignments like tests. They say cramming for a test doesn’t work and that is the truth but often times that’s all I find I have time for in my schedule. Somehow I need to change this pattern and separate my time between each class to see the outcome I want and know I can achieve.

Trying to figure out a system, fighting against time and deadlines is a process I need to work out. There needs to be a balance between work and taking time for yourself so you do not crack under the pressure. I have seen some people take 2 very opposite approaches to this same issue. One is to get so stressed out about what you have to complete that you do not sleep to finish all of your work, (which is often times what I find myself doing) and the other is ignoring the problem until the time has passed. So maybe if there is a balance between them of finding the right things to focus on and the others you kind of ignore or not pay as much attention too could help you plan out what is most important and create that well timed schedule. So while reading this blog post, if you have found yourself here at a time in your life and you found away to help yourself please comment so I can try new tactics for myself.

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  1. I struggled with the same thing in the beginning of this semester. Just like you I felt like I had no time to complete assignments and balance time for myself. I talked with my sister and she gave me some tips on how to create a schedule that was actually realistic. One thing is getting enough sleep, I know this sound weird and you’re probably thinking well if I sleep I can’t get work done. But really getting the sleep you need keeps you energized for the next day so that you don’t feel in a rut when you have work to do. Another thing is to complete assignments the night they are assigned not the night before they are due. This helps with getting ahead of the workload that might be stressing you out. And also if you do find yourself cramming for tests or anything do it in 15 minute intervals. Pretty much your brain is attentive for 15 minutes and then you just stop learning. So take brain breaks for 10 minutes in-between, however when taking these brain breaks don’t go on your phone or social media because then you’ll lose track of time and not go back to studying

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