Deeper Connections

Going abroad to learn about different cultures is a very important part of a persons growth and development in my opinion. The idea of being immersed in different cultures and languages absorbing all different ways of the world is one of my favorite experiences. It is something that I love and never pass up on an opportunity to do this if I can help it. For example, in my school for senior year we had an exchange student from Hungary for the year. We quickly became friends and hung out a lot. Towards the end of her exchange she invited me to come home with for as long as I could over the summer. I could stay for 3 weeks and decided to make this trip happen for myself.  This experience was one of my favorite things I have done. I am so happy I got to go home with her and absorb every bit of a European life style. It lead me even deeper down this path of obtaining as much as I could about everyones backgrounds. Really being out in the world experiencing all that is out there is a great way to connect to people and build strong connections.

This type of education was stressed heavily in my house while I was growing up. Going to all the local museums and all our bigger city museums around my home, just to visit and see new exhibits is an activity my parents have pushed from a very young age. When we would go on vacation, a museum or some kind of history lesson about where we were visiting was always on the list. It was always a museum exhibition, an old building important to that place, or even a walk through a historical grave yard (as weird as that sounds).  Creating those connections you get by experiencing the history or culture of where you are visiting Is a vital part of expanding the knowledge, creating a well rounded person. It is a part of my education that I find to have helped me a lot in life. Understanding more than what is just around you everyday builds a deeper appreciation for other peoples lives and can connect you to others In a more positive way.

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