A Change Is Needed

I recently watched a Ted Talk by Tyrone Pooles. His talk was on how he built his life back up after an unfortunate injury that left him unable to continue his job as a firefighter. His journey after his accident lead him to finding a problem within our society, which was how the rental housing system worked against everyone who was trying to get a fresh start, to get their lives back on track, and prove that they deserve a second chance in life. He found this needed to be fixed for the greater good, but he would have never known this problem existed without the experience he went through.

Tyrone was a person who lost  just about everything due to an accident. He lost his house, car, job, and his money because of something that was out of his control. He soon became homeless after he got out of the hospital because he was not able to work. Because of this state in his life, Tyrone was lead to a problem where he created a solution that really worked. He had no idea that the rental housing market was an issue for a lot of people trying to get their lives back on track before he went through it himself. But once he figured out what was going on and pinpointed the problem, his new goal became fixing it. After a lot of hard work and life experience, he not only got his life back on track but also helped thousands of others in need. After watching Tyrone Pooles ted talk, It really made me think hard about the way a person can find a problem within society, an idea, or concept, and start reconstructing it into a working system.

This lead me to thinking about an issue that is causing more trouble than good and I would like to see it changed. A system within our society that affects a lot of people and a lot of the time it is not in a good way. I am talking about the way the foster care system is run in the U.S. In my opinion it is an extreme issue that is harmful to the development of a lot of young children. The system is creating harmful environments for children without parents, who have most likely already gone through hard times in their lives. These children are being neglected which has a negative effect on their mental development. There is no attachment to a caregiver in their lives due to the harsh environments they are forced to live in and the amount of times they are being shuffled through the system. In someway this needs to be stopped. The way the whole system is run is not suitable for anyone, especially young kids who are in crucial developmental states in their lives.


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  1. I agree with you. The system that is in control of our life doesn’t seem to benefit us but instead takes from us. Especially for some people and kids, in this case, it’s what causing their life to be bleak while if they get the opportunity can have so much potential. We have to take responsibility and try our best to help these people.

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