Give your reasonable best effort

As this semester is coming to an end I am taking this time to reflect on my first year in college. Im trying to pick out all the preconceived notions I had before joining in on the college student life style. There are some similarities to what I had imagined, to what people had told me, as well as a lot of differences that came as a surprise. There is so much to look over as this past year has been a big one. I will be focusing my reflection in this blog post to the school work I accomplished this past year as a freshman. I could say I am proud of it now though it has taken a minute to feel that way. Looking back at what I have done I cant help but think to myself of all the times I could have done something different like managed my time better or asked more question, and the list goes on. But I have to remember that, of course there is always something more you could have done, especially seeing something you could have done better but a lot of the time you can not see that until you are past whatever situation you are in and can then view the whole picture. It is now all in the past and its learning for the future which I have done a lot of this year and am proud of the person and worker I am becoming and learning from everyday. ┬áThere is a quote to all of this that my mom tells me all the time when I have a lot on my plate trying finding it hard to all manage. “Give your reasonable best effort.” My mom stole this quote from my second grade teacher, quoting him on it every chance she gets. I always know when she is about to give me advice and rite this quote she loves so much and it is easy to just dismiss it when I am thinking about so many other things at the moment. But in these moments of reflection I can honestly say that this quote was on my mind quite a bit this year repeating it anytime the work load ┬áseemed to add up quickly. It has brought me peace of mind and I am able to now be happy with the work I have completed because I have indeed, given my reasonable best effort.

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