Blog Post #2

Through out these last weeks we have learned a lot more things about happiness and what we can do to be happier. One of the things we did to implement happiness was putting our phones away during class and then looking back on it and describe how we felt during those 50 minutes. This exercise made me realize how often I was on my phone during the day and I decided to download an app onto my phone to see how many hours I spend on my phone to start cutting back the time, and starting to use it in a more productive way.

Another exercise that we did in class was the mindfulness day where we spent class time doing different mindfulness techniques which included: coloring, a breathing exercise,  a movement exercise, and mindful eating. I really enjoyed this class because it showed me different ways to be mindful other than just sitting and listening.

Something that was incorporated into these 5 weeks from the other weeks was the PERMA model. We had talked about relationships and the R in PERMA stands for that. We discussed the way a relationship with someone can help you flourish or do the opposite. I learned that the reason we form relationships is because we try to avoid loneliness, and feel a connection to people. We also did an exercise that required us to ask 3-5 people what they value, appreciate, and like about us.

All of these topics that we have discussed have made me reflect on my life and actually include them into my daily/weekly life.



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