How do I get an override?

Quick answer:

You will need to contact the college, school or department offering the course about their override policy.  To determine what department is offering the course, look at the prefix.  For example, a course such as BIOL 151 is offered by the Biology Department.  RELS 108 is offered by Religious Studies.  Use The Bulletin to help you determine what department is offering the course.

In all cases, students who register on time benefit greatly, so make sure you’ve got your affairs in order so that you can register on your assigned registration date.

Longer answer:

In the Department of Forensic Science, we offer overrides based on fairly specific parameters.  Labs are restricted on the basis of physical space in the classroom and course materials.  Overrides will not be given to circumvent prerequisite requirements.

The Forensic Science Undergraduate Override Request is available at

The Department of Forensic Science Override Policy is available here.

Note: The form for the next semester’s courses will be available during the registration period.  Contact with any specific questions.

For the Department of Biology, complete the override request form at  Generally size overrides are not permitted except in special circumstance – i.e. you are graduating this semester and need a course.  Overrides are granted on a case-by-case basis.

The Department of Chemistrdoes not provide size overrides – if a class is full, no more students will be permitted to register for the class. To inquire about overrides, email

Math Department overrides are first-come-first-served by visiting

In Criminal Justice, overrides are not given until Criminal Justice majors and minors have had the chance to register.

Use this CRJS Override Request Form

For specific questions, email to request Be mindful that this is NOT a guarantee that you’ll be overridden into the course – so always have a backup plan. 

If you are looking for an override to fulfill an Advanced Credit Elective, visit this page for a partial list of courses that qualify.

If you are looking for a Fine Arts Credit, visit this page for a list of courses that qualify.