National Nutrition Month® Challenge – Week 3

The theme of this year’s National Nutrition Month® is “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” which serves as a reminder that each one of us holds the tools to make healthier food choices.

During this month, the VCU Wright CCTR’s Clinical Research Services (CRS)’s Bionutrition Unit will host different activities to increase nutrition awareness.

Week 3 challenge: Try using household items like cans or bags of rice as weights to build muscle. Visit the CCTR blog and post a comment below about whether or not what you currently do to plan your meals works for you and let us know how your fitness challenge is going.

Participate in NNM activities and you could win a prize!

4 thoughts on “National Nutrition Month® Challenge – Week 3

  1. I have a list of what it is I want to make for the week and/or I have food on hand that I know I can use to make meals. I make meals up ahead of time and I bring these to work for lunch and have them on hand for dinner as well. I generally spend about 2 – 3 hrs total, getting everything around and cooked for a week of meals. Getting things prepared helps me to be successful in eating healthy. My meals are all completed and in the frig and can easily be pulled out with ease. I do tend to make up a few food selections and not something new for everyday. I seem to do fine with foods overlapping from day to day. Often times I will make the same things the following week too.

  2. I prepare meals on the weekend for the week. For breakfast, I either prepare breakfast muffins or a veggie quiche. Both dishes can be divided up in containers that I grab and go every morning. Along with preparing my Sunday meal, I typically prepare two main dishes for the week. My go-to meals recently have been spinach lasagna (no noodles) or a simple crock pot delight (usually something that includes chicken). I also prep veggies on the weekends salads I bring for lunch daily and for quick stir-fry meals throughout the week.

    I did well with my fitness challenge last week. I made a concerted effort on last Friday to get in 10,000 steps. I was traveling on Friday by train and knew it would be slightly difficult to walk as much as I typically do when I am work. I found opportunities on the train to walk back and forth through the cars. Also, when we stopped in D.C., I got off of the train and walked up and down the sidewalk of the track during the time the engines were being changed over.

  3. I plan my meals on a week to week basis and I choose heart healthy meals. I just started back using My Bowflex gym. Concentrating on strength training.

  4. I plan my meals on Sunday and sometimes I prepare them on Sunday but usually I cook the day before for each day. Making double portion dinners is also helpful so that I have meals for the next day or so. My fitness challenge is going well and have been working towards healthier eating options.

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