PCORI Presentation

The Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research and VCU Center on Society and Health will host a presentation for researchers and community partners interested in patient-centered outcomes research.
May 11, 2017
PCORI Funding to Address Community-Identified Needs 
Larrick Center, Court End Ballroom
11 am- 1:30 pm 
Drs. Emily Zimmerman and Steve Woolf, VCU Center on Society and Health, and Dr. Carlin Rafie, Virginia Tech, will discuss a new methodology (SEED Method) for engaging patients and stakeholders in developing community-identified research questions.
They will present two research agendas created by Virginia stakeholders using this method – one around the topic of diabetes/hypertension management and one for lung cancer outcomes.
Dr. Chris Gayer, PCORI Program Officer, will discuss PCORI funding opportunities.
This presentation is specifically designed for faculty interested in patient-centered research and the PCORI funding mechanisms.  
 For questions, please contact Dr. Pamela Dillon (pmdillon@vcu.edu).

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