Wright Center researchers co-author winning N3C poster on organ transplants and COVID-19

The Wright Center’s Amy Olex, M.S., and Evan French were co-authors on a poster that won top honors at a recent conference.

The senior bioinformatics specialist and informatics system analyst, respectively, helped produce Covid-19 In Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT): Results of The National Covid Cohort Collaborative (N3C). The poster was accepted to the Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) 2021 conference that took place Feb. 25-27.

The primary author of the poster, an associate professor at Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Health Authority, won the Young Innovator Award for the submission.

View the poster.

The research identified a cohort of solid organ transplant recipients who received COVID-19 tests last year and evaluated health outcomes using N3C data. The collaborative, which VCU joined last summer, securely collects and organizes clinical and diagnostic data from patients across the country to create a dataset broad enough to engage in meaningful study of the novel coronavirus. VCU researchers can access the data for their studies.

Olex leads the national Immunosuppressed or Compromised Clinical Domain Team, which mines N3C data to identify how different types, levels, and durations of immunocompromise may affect severity and outcomes of infected patients. The team was instrumental to Vinson’s, Olex’s and French’s research.

Amy Olex and Evan French
Amy Olex, M.S., senior bioinformatics specialist, and Evan French, research informatics systems analyst

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